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Part Deux: Eating and Drinking From Brian
Eating and Drinking From Brian
The morning after I spent a hot afternoon Eating Brian, I was minding my own business, sleepin' off the sweaty restless night.
That fukken phone! It woke me up pissin-ass mad ...
It's Brian. Quiet, like he's russian to young a little nervous.
I simmered right down. "Brian ... 'sup?"
"Thought maybe .. I might come over and ... hang with you."
(An eternity-long pause while my dick jets up droolin' like my mouth was yesterday, when I was scuppy-kissin' his shitty rank asshole.)
"... kinda like I said yesterday. You know?"
"Yeah Brian, I know."
(Don't go all wimp-girl on me here, Brian ... you're the stud, I'm the freakin' toilet fag.)
"I gotta take a piss then I'll be over."
"Brian, buddy ..."
"Can you hold it?"
"Huh? Hold what?"
"Your piss, man. I'm real thirsty."
He laughed. (Hesitation Waltz is over now.)
"Yeah, you sick freak. I can young ho
hold it. I'll be there in a few."
Dead phone line. He'd hung up nude photography young
on me.
One thing I love about Brian, is he's not real talky.
Fuck that ... there ain't a thing I DON'T love about Brian.
FUCK! DAMMIT! I got so distracted over getting his kidney juice, I forgot to ask him not to shower!
After about 20 of the longest minutes I ever waited, he knocked - hard, loud and fast ...
"Must really have to piss BAD!" I figured.
Took my time answering. Don't want him to take me for granted, ya know.
HA! That ain't true. I just wanted to make it so he'd REALLY lose control and make me choke on it like a real pig young kid tgp should.
There he is - God of my Hunger, Thirst and sickest DickNeed. The incredible, edible Brian.
He's got on his yellow gangsta jacket.
As usual.
Unzipped. No shirt.
As usual.
His jeans are a little young tranny porno too big for him ... all slung down south of his navel, showing off that fine-haired trail with just a shadow-hint of his pubes at the bottom end.
His right hand's busy gently tweaking that sweet nipple of his.
As usual.
Good. He's horny.
As usual.
That's another thing I love about Brian.
He's horny. All the fukken time.
Real quick-like, I squat down and take a long flat-tongue swipe up the hair- trail - from the top of his jeans right into his belly button.
A bit of lint sticks to the tip of my tongue.
Leading him to my room, I suck on the little wad then swallow it.
Nice. I love appetizers.
His big hand is suddenly on my shoulder, turning me around ... young japanese nudists pushing me down.
"I really got to piss bad, man."
I kneel, while he shoves his jeans down fast.
He's goin' commando.
As usual.
His big, beautiful thick uncut cock is about a third hard, and dripping a couple drops of piss already. I can smell the cheese. I love cheese.
"Fuck, I already pissed myself a little. I can't hold it!"
Firehose-fast, it hits me right in the eye.
Burns bad. God, how I love thick morning piss!
He grabs his dick in his paw, and aims for my already open mouth.
As Brian's urine fills my mouth, I slide it over his cock and start glugging that thick, acidy-juice down.
Deep breathing through my pig nose, makes it so I can taste it even tho' I'm chuggin' it fast.
Got to give the boy want he needs - the relief he deserves.
Brian's cock is still kind of swollen up and fillin' my mouth just fine.
I'm lost in it now - Mindless Urinal time.
All of a sudden, my rhythm goes haywire, and I breathe when I should be swallowing.
Gagging, piss spews out my nose, while I suck harder to keep his dick inside my pig-bowl mouth.
"FUCK!" His yell makes me afraid he's freaking out about getting piss all over his pants.
His dick pumps up, going to full-on Fuck-Hard.
"God DAMN this turns me on!"
Perfect Brian ... becoming the Perfect User.
"Shit! I got a fucking hard on and I'm pissing!"
Shit! He's got a hard on and he's pissing!
Brian's more got more talent than even I imagined!
He starts pushing his cock in and out. Long, slow skull-fuck strokes. The jet-stream's still going strong.
"'This is fucking GREAT, dude! I'm givin' cristine young
you double-duty action, you COCKSUCKIN'PISSFAG!"
You're right, Brian - this IS fucking great..
YOU are fucking great, Brian.
Pissing slower, still mouth-fucking me, I can taste his Pre mixed in with his juice now.
"Man! Dude ... I'm gonna Russian young pussy ... cum!"
And he does.
He pisses. And he cums.
And he pisses.
And cums.
He piss-cums.
I'm about psychotic, losing count of the cum gushes he's feeding me.
Just kill me now, while I choke to death on Brian's dick ... gulping fresh young teenz down the perfect SpermUrine Cocktail ...
He holds still, and works it - flexing out five more little dick-throbs of scummy goop into my mouth.
Then he pulls out.
I'm in shock - tongue savoring the leftover sticky, thick piss-bitter DNA.
Brian's all sweaty. He yanks off his gang banger jacket.
"Open up," he nods, literally growling, "stick it out for me."
He lays his softening, drooling dickmeat on my waiting tongue.
He seems to like doing that.
Then he does the most amazing, sweet, romantic thing ...
Pressing it down onto pyssy young my rigid tongue, Brian slow-milks his cock from the root to the tip (like squeezing out toothpaste) draining one last dollop out of his pisshole.
"There ya go," lifting his cock up.
He bends down and takes a good look.
"Man, that's fucking nasty - the cum's yellow from my piss."
I nod, pulling my tongue into my mouth ... sliding the SpermGlob down my drainpipe throat.
Putting a hand on each side of my face, Brian looks right into my youngest russian boys soul.
I'm thinking he's young teens sex about to kiss me, as his lips - just barely - touch mine.
I open my mouth, hungry to taste that sweet 18 year old TeenGod tongue.
Instead, he forcefully blows a thick loogy into my mouth.
"Swallow the spit, dude," he young teens sex whispers.
Eyes locked onto his, I obey.
I abandon myself ... abandon my game ...
"I love you, Brian," I groan.
Oh fuck! I'm afraid I just blew it with my Straight friend. Bad move.
"Yeah. I know you do, faggot."
He seems totally pleased.
Game still on.
Turning away, he nude photography young pulls up his jeans, sits on my bed, and pulls off his filthy broke-down sneakers.
"But don't get any ideas."
Lifting a sneaker to his face he inhales, young naked cuties suddenly frowning. At me or the stink, I can't tell ...
"Fuckin' rank." Brian holds out the shoe for me to smell.
I inhale like a man starvin' for air. Foul, rancid air. Brian's feet stink worse than his farts. And Brian's farts can make my eyes tear-up.
Looking at me he says real slow, nearly spitting each word out like a bullet, "I'm straight. You're queer."
I simply nod.
"We're friends. That's all."
Another nod.
"But it is pretty cool having a fucking lowlife toilet-fag that loves me."
A third nod.
Setting his shoe on the floor, he notices the piss wetting his jeans.
Wrapping his paw around my neck, he pulls me down, pushing my face into his damp crotch.
"Suck it out."
I open my mouth and start vacuuming the urine young tranny porno out of the rough fabric.
"Get it all, fag.
I'm suck-sipping Brian's kidney juice out of his dirty stinkin' jeans. There's a lot there.
"Chew on it. Do my fukken laundry sicko.
I'm snarfin' and sucking and chewing on his pant's crotch like a retarded dog.
Brian just kicks back watching the show.
After a few minutes, Brian suddenly stands up, and stretches, arms up over his head, showing off those awesome pits.
From down below, I can smell him.
Good. He DIDN'T take a shower today.
Not young love poems
even looking at me - offhand, like he's not even really thinking about it, - "I own you dude."
As casual and offhand as if talking about the weather, he yawns, "Why doncha lie down on the floor ..."
No questions, no comments, I just do it.
Looking down at me like a man casually checking the water in his toilet bowl, a sly-crazy smirk spreads on his cute-as-fuck mug.
"I gotta take a fucking WICKED shit."
Laying face up on the floor, I look up at him, "Do it, Brian."
Shucking his jeans, he looks concerned, "Exactly how do we do this?"
"Just squat down onto my mouth like you did yesterday."
He takes a step over me, planting one big smelly foot on each side of my head, again.
Before he takes his seat on my face, I tell him, "Listen, you've got to go a little slow so I can eat it without making a mess."
Looking down at me through his legs, he agrees, "OK. I think I can, but I really got to go, man."
"I know - don't worry about it - just relax, and try not to push it all out at once."
"Alright, I got it," he mutters impatiently.
He squats slower than I expected, considering his urge - letting his lightly-haired asshole hover about an inch above my hunger-extended lips.
Putting my hands on his jock-hard rump, pulling his cheeks apart a bit, I wait. He's the man taking the dump. I'm just the toilet.
"Lick me some first. I need to relax so I can dump in your mouth, fag ..."
Pushing my lips out over Brian's slightly distended assring, I thrust my drooling tongue straight into his Straight shithole.
Sucking fairly hard, pulling his gut-tube into my mouth, I'm back where I belong: Brian sitting on my face with my tongue makin' mad love to his rectum.
"Ahhh, man! That feels so fine!"
All I can do is grunt like a sow. Yes, Brian it does (grunt) So. (grunt) Fucking. (grunt) Fine.
Pulling my flesh-trowel out of his guthole, I slow-drag my widely flattened tongue from that musky skin just behind his now-tight balls up his crack to the tip of his spine. Brian likes this a lot I know from yesterday, so I spend a few minutes let him really enjoy his butt-washing.
"Man, I can't hold it anymore ..."
He sits down hard: a long noisy fart blatts onto my tongue and into my mouth. I inhale - rank, wet oily gas coating my lungs.
His ass tightens up a little, "Sorry."
I push him away from my mouth slightly to say, "You're going to take youngest baby porn
a shit in my mouth, Brian. Your farts are nuthin' compared to that."
"Oh. Yeah, huh."
"Yeah. Besides, I love your farts."
Putting his weight fully back down on my face, leaving my nose slightly exposed. I can breathe well enough. Thanks Brian ... you really are a Natural Born Feeder.
I can feel him bearing down now, pushing his shit hard toward his target. My mouth. His toilet.
Then it hits - the hard pointed tip of Brian's turd kisses the hard pointed tip of my tongue.
As the log slides down quick, it's pushing my tongue out of his rectum.
It's coming fast. Gonna hafta younger babies defloration be a Big Gulp job, here.
Suddenly electric-tangy BrianTurd is filling my mouth. And it ain't slowing down. I decide not to bother him about my eating pace right now. Shit Feeding Technique 101 can come later.
Jamming my tongue up to the roof of my mouth, trying to smash young naked cuties the thick log - breaking it down for easier swallowing.
I can hear & feel it crackling a little. young teens sluts The old commercial jingle "crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside" runs through my head while I take my first gulp.
About half of what's in my mouth goes down the drain.
I'm a fucking pro.
So is Brian, and he doesn't even know it, yet.
The hellish brown avalanche stops, but my mouth is still forced wide-open by his impossibly thick turd.
"Hang on man," Brian croaks, "I don't wanna kill you."
His asshole slams shut, pinching it off, so there's about two inches of steaming ragged CrapLog sticking out of my packed-full mouth.
He stands up, and looks through his legs.
"Chow down, faggot. I want to see you eating my shit."
I give Brian a good pig show - smiling sweetly, while I mash-up his shit up like a baby eating dinner for Daddy.
"Slow down, freak. Don't fukken swallow it."
Where in hell did Brian learn to enjoy Feeding like this?
"Now open your fukken mouth and chew it up for me."
I do it for him, like a good baby. Chomping shit for my teen Jock-God Daddy.
Brian's used-up food-waste is my food, now. His bowel-trash feeding my the cells of my body. Excremental Ecstasy ... world without end, amen.
"Fuck ... that young porn bunny is ... just ... disgusting!"
His adam's apple starts jerking violently up and down.
"I think I'm gonna puke, dude." He retches. He gags. He retches again.
Please do it, Brian. Please barf! I want to eat your puke.
His eyes are watering and he quickly swallows several times. A long strand of thin snot slides out of his right nostril, while he continues to try to control the urge to hurl.
Then he's suddenly all calm again - like somebody pulled the plug. Damn! His puke-need just faded out. My loss.
But he just lets that snot rope keep getting longer.
Brian backs up so his nose is hovering over my mouth. Pressing a finger on the young kids raped other sex young kdz nostril, he blows. Hard.
The big thready blob of nose-spooge misses the mess filling my open mouth, landing just under my nose instead.
"Snort, fukker."
I inhale hard through my nose, dragging the gristly BoogerSlime into my sinuses.
Brian's filling all my body's dirty holes with all his body's Holy Dirts.
"Hock the snot way back ... get it into your mouth."
I suck harder, and the nearly solid-thick glop jams in the back of my Russian young pussy throat. Choking, I sit up, desperately trying to cough with my lips closed-up tight, so I don't dishonor Brian's worshipful shit and snot by spewing it out.
Slapping my back once, "You ok, man?"
With that, the snotwad comes up and mixes with the mashed-up turd left in my toiletbowl mouth.
I shake my head "yes."
"Good. Open up I wanna see."
Tears running down my face, watery snot drooling out of my nose, I open my mouth, and Brian comes around, squats down, and looks in, like a kid peering into a fish bowl.
He spits into my mouth, then says "There's something seriously wrong with you, dude. You need fucking help."
I raise my eyebrows.
Spitting again, Brian continues taunting russian to young me, "Look at you, you sick freak - I'm shitting in your mouth, and you're eating it. Plus, you just snorted-up my booger like it' drugs."
Trying to xxx young nudist smile, I nod. Shaking his head, he whispers, "Fucking crazy faggot.
Hocking up a big lung-wad into my still-open mouth, he yells, "I love this!"
He grins, and says fresh young boys
gently, "Now swallow that mess and lie back down baby, I'm not quite done yet."
I gag-down the vile crap and sour snot & spit for Brian, while he stands up.
Taking his position on my mouth again, and quickly grunting out the last chunk of toxic bowel-food, he immediately fills my mouth about half way. Then his asslips snap closed.
He stands again, looking at me sharply ordering, "Do not chew that shit! Swallow it whole ... NOW!"
Tilting my head back a little, I open my throat, and the whole thing slides right down. I can almost hear it splash when it hit bottom.
Coming back around, he sits right down on my nearly numb-sensitive apeshit-hard dick, sliding back and forth a few times - teasing me to near ejaculation.
Wrapping both hands behind my neck, Brian pulls me up until I'm sitting looking at his unimaginably beautiful face. I'm seeing the face of God.
"Having fun?" he asks, grinning.
A little distracted by those long thick eyelashes, it takes a moment to answer ... "Yeah. Fun."
"Good, I was hoping you would. I been studying up."
Watching those kissy-lips, it takes even longer to ask ... "Huh?"
"I got online last night and read some shit about shit." He laughed at that.
Totally distracted by that little goatee I so wanna chew on, it takes forever to respond ... "Cool, Brian, that's really nice of you."
Shaking his head in agreement, his voice a is little harsher, "Yeah it is. I care about my stuff."
My head tilts like a dog trying to understand his Master.
"We're still buds. But you're my toilet now - first and always, dude."
"Cool." I like hearing that. A lot.
"You're my toilet ... part of my stuff. And I take care of my stuff."
Oh, I get it.
"I told you before. I own you."
"You own me Brian."
He softly slaps my cheek, "Don't forget it, faggot."
Standing up, Brian looks down at my raging dick, smeared from his shit-filthy asshole rubbing on it.
"Hey, can you suck yourself off?"
"Too bad. I wanted to see you suck my shit off your own dick."
Taking his Feeding position, the last thing I hear before his puffy shithole slams down onto my lips is, "OK buttwipe, clean me up. I wanna get my nut again."
So here I am, serving Brian as his toilet paper.
Not a bad place to be ...
...Fuck that. It's a great place to be ...
... Serving Brian.

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